Name & role within the business:

Seena Chriti owner at Paktli Foods

Name of business:

Paktli Foods


Food Industry

Brief description of the goods/services you provide:

We produce handmade puffed ancient grain snacks made with puffed amaranth, quinoa and millet with organic chocolates and dried fruits and nuts.  They are produced at the Findlay kitchen.

Location & markets you serve:

Cincinnati.  We sell in 40 plus retail independent locations such as coffee shops and small grocery stores, as well as in farmer’s markets.  We also have an online presence.

Any notable achievements you are proud of (both personal & business):

I am proud that with very little money and lots of hard work I was able to start this business in the middle of the pandemic and it is now in its second year.

Is this your full-time job currently? If not, describe your current job and any tips/tricks on how you balance both:

It’s my full time job.

What drives your passion for this business?

I have been wanting to have my own food manufacturing business since 15 years ago and to recreate the Mexican alegrias.  In Cincinnati it all came together.

Favorite small/local business you frequent:

Findlay market as a whole.

What are you most hoping to take away from this program?

More business knowledge.  I need to learn many things and I also need to understand how to grow and scale my businesses in a healthy way.

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