Kroger’s Purpose & Promise

We imagine a world where everyone has access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food so we can all thrive together. Our Purpose—to Feed the Human Spirit™—and brand promise, Fresh for Everyone™ drives our commitment to advance positive changes for people and our planet across our operations.

Our Vision for Impact

Kroger is committed to helping build a more resilient and equitable food system that creates a better future for People, our Planet and the Systems on which we all depend. We’re using our size and scale to achieve meaningful change in the communities we serve and throughout our value chain.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste

Our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste action plan keeps us on track to live our purpose every day – helping create communities free of hunger and waste. From food access and nutrition to climate change and conservation, our ambitious impact plan addresses the most critical challenges of our time for people and our planet.


1977 Established an industry-leading Public Responsibilities Committee of the Board of Directors to oversee key topics
1978 Kroger is a visionary partner and founding member of Feeding America
2006 Published first annual Sustainability Report
2008 Completed first carbon footprint
2009 Launched work with World Wildlife Fund to advance seafood sustainability
2016 Published first GRI-aligned sustainability report
2017 Refined our Purpose: to Feed the Human Spirit and introduced our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste action plan
2018 Completed first stakeholder-informed materiality assessment; food waste footprint
2019 Launched purposed linked brand promise: Fresh for Everyone
2020 Introduced Framework for Action: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Set goal to reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2030
Set new 2030 sustainable packaging goals
2021 Published new Human Rights Policy
2022 Achieved 15% GHG emissions reduction toward a 30% goal
2023 Achieved goal to donate 3B meals to our communities

ESG Strategy: Thriving Together

As America’s grocer, we recognize Kroger’s unique role in serving a range of stakeholders. As an employer, food processor, retailer, healthcare provider and more, we have a responsibility to lead with purpose and create positive change for billions of people and for the planet we call home.

Kroger’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy – Thriving Together – acts as our roadmap for achieving long-term performance goals and commitments. Our industry-leading initiatives work to create a better future for People, our Planet and aim to build more resilient natural Systems.

Learn more about our progress in Kroger’s 2023 ESG Report and our ESG Hub.


Helping billions live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles

Food Access, Health & Safety

We focus on food safety, affordability and nutrition, and protecting our associates’ and customers’ health and safety. Since 2017, we’ve directed 3 billion meals to our communities, recovered more than 582 million pounds of surplus fresh food, and directed $1.3 billion in charitable giving to help end hunger.

Just & Inclusive Economy

We foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion for all through responsible employment practices and recruiting, education and leadership training, career advancement, and partnerships with civil society and organizations working to advance equity and justice.


Protecting and restoring natural resources 

Climate Impact

We support the transition to a lower-carbon economy by implementing energy management best practices and investing in green energy. So far, we’ve reduced GHG emissions by 15% toward our 2030 goal. We also committed to align our Scope 1 & 2 targets to a 1.5⁰C scenario and set a new Scope 3 target.

Resource Conservation

We implement waste and food waste diversion programs across our operations to achieve zero-waste goals; manage water use responsibly; and engage partners to achieve more sustainable packaging. Our Brands offer customers affordable options for natural, organic, Fair Trade Certified, and plant-based products.


Building more responsible and inclusive global systems

Business Integration

Kroger’s strong ESG governance and management approach gives business leaders, suppliers and other partners clear expectations for performance.

Responsible & Resilient Systems

We work across our global supply chain to create a more sustainable future for all stakeholders. We’re committed to engaging with suppliers and monitoring compliance with responsible sourcing standards, including respecting human rights and building more sustainable, higher-welfare food production systems.

Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Action Plan

As the centerpiece of our ESG Strategy, our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste plan informs our decision-making to support healthier, more sustainable lifestyles for people and the communities we serve. Since 2017, the company has directed a total of 3 billion meals to help end hunger in our communities, including $1.3 billion in giving to organizations and programs feeding people.

By redirecting surplus food and meals to people in our communities, funding nonprofit organizations that provide meals and related services, and investing in innovative social entrepreneurs and startups with food-system solutions, we aim to inspire collective action and industry-wide sustainable change.


Our Journey to
Zero Hunger | Zero Waste

Kroger has made solid progress on ambitious commitments to improve food access in our communities and reduce waste across our company.

2025 Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Commitments Progress (2017 – 2022)
Meals: Direct 3B meals to our communities 2.9B meals
Surplus food: Optimize surplus food recovered through Zero Hunger | Waste Food Rescue program 582M pounds
Donations: 100% of stores with regular surplus food pickups 100%
Nutrition: Increase donations of surplus fresh Produce, Dairy & Deli items to be 45% of total food rescue to improve health 45%
Direct charitable giving to hunger relief: Strategically align giving to nonprofit partners feeding people $1.3B
(Total giving: $1.9B)
Operational waste: Achieve zero-waste of 90%+ waste diversion from landfill company-wide 82%
Food waste reduction: Reduce total food waste generated in retail supermarkets by 50% 26.2%
Food waste diversion: Achieve 95%+ food waste diversion from landfill 45.9%
Food waste recycling: 95%+ of retail stores have active food waste recycling programs 92%


Building careers

Kroger offers accessible employment, competitive benefits – from great pay and perks to healthcare and more – and leadership opportunities to grow and build a rewarding career.

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Lifting up neighbors

More than $340 million in annual giving at national and local levels supports nonprofit organizations aligned with our mission and the causes our customers care about most.

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Engaging partners

We establish clear expectations and standards for all suppliers to improve performance beyond our own operations and help create a more responsible global supply chain.

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