Standing Together

Framework for Action: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kroger strives to reflect the communities we serve and foster a culture that empowers everyone to be their true self, inspires collaboration, and feeds the human spirit. Through our Framework for Action, we are committed to standing together and mobilizing our people, passion, scale and resources to transform our culture and our communities.


Create More Inclusive Culture

Launch Racial Awareness and Advocacy and General training for leaders.


Introduce Micro Diversity and Inclusion training modules for associates

Develop Diverse Talent

Review and enhance our polices and practices to ensure they promote equity.


Expand regional leadership development and mentorship programs.

Advance Diverse Partnerships

Establish annual diverse supplier spend goals to achieve $10B by 2030.


Deepen and expand our relationship with current diverse suppliers.

Advance Equitable Communities

Establish strategic community board involvement for executive leaders.


Renew and expand our New Beginnings Program, which provides candidates a second chance to enter the workforce.

Deeply Listen and Report Progress

Deploy enhanced internal and external hubs to share our DE&I work and progress.


Leverage pulse surveys and associate listening sessions to gauge progress and impact.

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