ESG Strategy: Thriving Together

As America’s grocer, we recognize Kroger’s unique role in serving a range of stakeholders. As an employer, food processor, retailer, healthcare provider and more, we have a responsibility to lead with purpose and create positive change for billions of people and the planet we call home.

Kroger’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy – Thriving Together – acts as our roadmap for improving our long-term performance and achieving our commitments. Our industry-leading initiatives work to create a better future for People, our Planet and the interconnected Systems on which we all depend for food and other essentials.

Learn more about our progress in Kroger’s 2023 ESG Report.

Our ESG strategy reflects our aim to create long-term shared value by working collectively to create a more resilient, equitable and sustainable food system. We focus on three pillars:


We want our associates, customers and communities to thrive. That’s why we’re helping build a more just and inclusive world where everyone has access to nutritious, affordable foods every day.

The People pillar of our ESG Strategy has two main topic areas: advancing Food Access, Health & Safety, and creating a more Just & inclusive Economy. We’ve provided some key ESG resources for each topic below.


As a responsible business, Kroger strives to protect the natural resources we depend on. We are focused on addressing our climate impacts and supporting resource conservation by eliminating food and operational waste, increasing efficiency across our company and boosting the sustainability and resilience of our supply chain.


Kroger offers a variety of foods and other essentials to meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs, preferences and budgets. Our strong ESG governance aims to ensure that Kroger operates responsibly in a global supply chain with far-reaching implications and trade-offs for people and our planet.

Food & Product Safety

Associate Health, Safety & Well-Being

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

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