Name & role within the business:

Sara Aschliman, Owner, CEO, CFO, Brand Manager

Name of business:

Wyoming Community Coffee


Food & Beverage, Hospitality

Brief description of the goods/services you provide:

Coffee, tea, wine & beer, gelato, pastries, bagels, empanadas, and seasonal lunch items

Location & markets you serve:

Wyoming, OH / Central Cincinnati

Any notable achievements you are proud of (both personal & business):

We survived Covid!

Voted best coffeeshop in the Cincinnati ‘burbs.

Fully staffed for the entire 4 years we have been open.

Is this your full-time job currently? If not, describe your current job and any tips/tricks on how you balance both:

No, I am a full-time self employed architect. I tend to do my design work at the coffeeshop so I still have a physical presence and am available in significant decision making, but fully empower my managerial staff to run the day-to-day operations.

What drives your passion for this business?

Creating community space and activity and providing local jobs and taking care of my staff.

Honoring the coffee industry, and sourcing from and promoting local small businesses.

Favorite small/local business you frequent:

Art Resource Team, Hank & Harold, Daisy Jane Flower Truck

What are you most hoping to take away from this program?

Marketing strategies, networking and cross-promotion, provide business engagement and leadership opportunity for Shelby, my rockstar manager.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I don’t have a background in business, but am leaning into my entrepreneurial instincts and trying to learn and grow along the way. One of the biggest joys has been finding opportunities for employees to also grow and share business ideas.

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