Name & role within the business:

Rhea Pettway: CEO/ Founder

Name of business:

Trifecta Beauty Brands LLC


Beauty/ Haircare Products

Brief description of the goods/services you provide:

Trifecta sells hair products that include shampoos, conditioners, twisting creams, gels, and butters for textured naturals that love to show off their natural hair in all its glory.

Location & markets you serve:

1612 Compton Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45231.  The markets we serve are retail outlet and e-commerce retail.

Any notable achievements you are proud of (both personal & business):

When we launched Trifecta, it was brought to the hair professional vendor shows and was accepted with opening arms.  The business has been featured in the Cincinnati Herald as well as tagged by notable salon professionals nationwide.

Is this your full-time job currently? If not, describe your current job and any tips/tricks on how you balance both:

No. I currently run and operate a thriving salon, Studio 914 Hair Salon in Mt. Healthy, working behind the chair with a lucratively large clientele.  I also travel and teach Natural Hair Education on the Hair Education circuit as well as in salon to hair professionals and consumers.  Balancing all my hats of late have been a challenge, especially the ecommerce haircare line, but I am learning great marketing tips and tricks to boost online presence while operating my salon.

What drives your passion for this business?

What drives my passion for the business is my overall need to reconnect the hair consumer with the hair professional with great quality products.

Favorite small/local business you frequent:

The local business I frequent the most currently is my own.  Due to Covid, like everyone else I’m mostly at home or work.  So as far as small business I frequent….It’s my own.

What are you most hoping to take away from this program?

What I’m looking for out of the program is a better insight on how to effectively market using both social media and other networks, how to strategize and implement sales goals streams, and most importantly how to effectively run an online business for financial profit around the clock.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I am a woman that has effectively built a successful salon business that needs a guided hand in growing her new business venture into an online space she is not comfortable in.  Trifecta Beauty Brands LLC, for me is my next journey into the hair industry I love so much by connecting with consumers in a more personal way, through product.

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