Name & role within the business:

Annetta Waters, Owner/ Founder

Name of business:

Annetta’s Beauty Bar/ Eleven/22 Vegan Products


Hair Salon/ Hair and Skincare Products

Brief description of the goods/services you provide:

Annetta’s Beauty Bar is a multi-service salon with a customary holistic approach, specializing in the “Vegan Silk Press”.   Eleven/ 22 is a gentle, vegan, eco-friendly hair and skincare product line.

Location & markets you serve:

The salon has guests from all around Greater Cincinnati.  Eleven/22 is Ecommerce and we have shipped products all the way to Las Vegas with hopes of expanding to international markets.

Market segment:

  1. Women 18-65
  2. Health conscious
  3. Local and national
  4. Customer loyalty/ Frequent shopper
Any notable achievements you are proud of (both personal & business):

I’m the mother to two beautiful boys.  For the past seven years I have been the owner of Annetta’s Beauty Bar and in June of 2021 I launched Eleven/22 Vegan Products.  I was the first recipient of the Mortar Resiliency Award in 2020, I completed the EBA Accelerator Program in 2021, and most recently became a 10KSB Goldman Sachs Alumni Member.

Is this your full-time job currently? If not, describe your current job and any tips/tricks on how you balance both:

Full time business owner.

What drives your passion for this business?

“All Things Beauty” and “All Things Vegan”, I have a holistic approach to my services and products.  I want women and men to feel good about the way they feel and look without any toxins or harmful products and awareness about plant-based possibilities.

Favorite small/local business you frequent:

Currently I frequent The Fix Coffee Bar more than any other place.

What are you most hoping to take away from this program?

I really want to scale my business by using an integrated system that helps me keep up with inventory, update and solidify all of my processes, and understand how I can get market share in the marketing and distributing sector of the beauty industry.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I’m ready to learn!!!!!

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