Meet the smart recipe bot that gets the most out of your food.

What is @KrogerChefbot?

People waste 130 billion pounds of food per year. Kroger believes it should be zero, so we created Chefbot as part of our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative.

Chefbot is a smart recipe bot who uses visual AI to ‘see’ nearly 2,000 ingredients and unlock almost 20,000 recipes. It’s our way of helping families make the most out of the ingredients they already own.

Plus, Chefbot is super cute.

How to use Chefbot:

1. SNAP A PHOTO:Take a photo of up to 3 ingredients.

2. TWEET:and tag @KrogerChefbot.

3. COOK:one of the recipes Chefbot sends back.

It’s that simple!

We hope you’ll ask Chefbot for some fresh recipes!

Chefbot would be flattered if you did! Tweet a photo of up to 3 ingredients to @KrogerChefbot and get cooking!

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