Regulatory Compliance Assessment – WERCS



Kroger utilizes WERCSmart by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to help manage regulatory compliance requirements. Our suppliers must carefully read Kroger’s WERCs Supplier letter?and register affected products at 

To avoid an item setup delay, we recommend registering the item with WERCS prior to setting it up with Kroger.  Items that require a WERCS assessment will not complete item setup until the WERCS assessment is completed. 

This requirement includes existing products previously sold to Kroger as well as new products. Please contact with any questions.

Classes of products requiring registration in WERCS include the following. This list is not exhaustive; contact if you are unsure whether your product should be registered. 


Aerosol Item contains compressed gas or propellant
Battery or Battery-Containing Item is a battery, contains a battery, or has a battery packed with it
Electronic Item has a cord, a circuit board, or contains lights
Flammable or combustible As defined by OSHA, DOT, or NFPA
Light bulb Contains or is a light bulb (except incandescent)
Non Food Chemical-containing e.g., detergents, soaps, cleaners, garden chemicals, air fresheners, candles, etc. –Item can be liquid, powder, gel, or paste
OTC Pharmaceutical or Nutritional Supplement e.g., vitamins and supplements, energy/nutrition bars, meal replacements, wipes, medicated patches, contraceptive foam, nicotine-containing products. Anything with a Drug Facts or Supplement Facts label. 
Personal Care Product e.g., cosmetics, hair care, bath, oral hygiene, foot care, sun care, etc.
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