Become a Supplier

Standard Vendor Agreement (“SVA”)

All of Kroger’s merchandise suppliers are required to review, complete, sign and return the Standard Vendor Agreement. This Agreement ensures that each of our suppliers agrees to meet our standards and shares our business policy of putting the customers’ needs first.

Standard Vendor Agreement (SVA) document

If you are a Corporate Brand supplier, please visit the Corporate Brands Vendor Information page for additional information and required documents.

Supplier Data Responsibilities for Program Mercury

All Kroger merchandise suppliers are required to meet certain data requirements as once items are promoted as a part of Program Mercury.  To learn more, please click here.

Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”)

Maximizing use of EDI is a key priority of Kroger. Cooperative efforts through the use of EDI have resulted in increased accuracy, improved timeliness, and reduced operating expenses. Kroger supports a variety of different EDI Transactions, some of which are mandated through an “EDI Non-Compliance” program. Information relative to available transactions sets, Kroger’s requirements, and supply chain programs leveraged through EDI can be found on the Kroger EDI web site:

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (“CPSIA”)

Kroger suppliers are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those recently established in the CPSIA. Information on the CPSIA and procedures required by Kroger are available here.

The Act applies to all consumer products under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC"). All vendors should become familiar with these requirements, which are described in more detail on the CPSC website at

Supplier Diversity

Kroger is committed to partnering with a diverse group of suppliers, including minority-owned and women-owned businesses. To facilitate growth of these partnerships, Kroger has implemented a corporate-wide Supplier Diversity Program. For more information on our Program and how it may affect you, click here.