Supplier FAQ

Supplier FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a supplier to Kroger?

  • To be considered you must be certified by a third party agency
  • You must complete registration in our Supplier Management System
  • Meet Kroger’s selection criteria and requirements

How do I become a supplier to Kroger?

A third part provider, CVM Solutions, manages our database of diverse suppliers so that the vendor’s information is readily available and we are able to quickly identify qualified suppliers for opportunities.

Can I register in the supplier database if I am not certified as a diverse business or am self-certified?

This database is for qualified, certified, diverse suppliers. Kroger does not accept self-certification. You may register, but your information will be deleted if a current diverse certification is not uploaded within 90 days.

What happens after I register?

You will receive an email once your registration is complete. When a bid opportunity arises that matches your company’s qualifications, the information you inputted in the database will be passed on to the appropriate buyer. If your company meets the buyers needs you will be contacted for further questions or to be invited to bid.

What is the difference between “certification” and “registration”?

Certification means that your company has documentation from a third party agency verifying that it is at least 51% owned and operated by a minority, woman, GLBT or veteran that is a U.S. citizen. (For a list of recommended agencies see the Supplier Diversity Program section.)

Registration is the act of completing your profile in our database.

Once I complete my registration how long will it be before I am contacted?

You will be contacted within 60 days after registration if there are current opportunities. Otherwise, we will contact you when opportunities arise.

Does Kroger only work with large companies?

Kroger works with companies of all sizes and varying geographies. However, on the retail side, items on our shelf are dictated by the wants and needs of the customers in our stores. Kroger uses sophisticated consumer insights to ensure that we meet the desires of our customer.

How often are contracts renewed?

Contract terms vary by commodity and service. Kroger has a system in place that alerts the Supplier Diversity team when contracts expire so that they may submit a list of potential suppliers to review for the upcoming bid.

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