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Kroger Procurement Notification Letter

The Kroger Co. will be implementing a new procurement system in partnership with a software developer named Ariba. ePRO will be used by The Kroger Co. for store expense and equipment purchasing. The Ariba Supplier Network will be used by The Kroger Co. to send purchase orders and to receive invoices from suppliers. Some of the benefits that suppliers will see once the system has been completely implemented include:

  • Greater control over order processing
  • Ability for all suppliers to create electronic invoices (capital purchase orders ONLY)
  • Better communication and visibility with The Kroger Co.
  • Quicker invoice to pay process
  • Reduced postal/fax costs
  • Reduction in errors associated with standard paper processing in both POs and Invoices

Our project team is committed to helping you accomplish this. We are confident this change will be a win / win for both our organizations. We look forward to continued business with you during this transition and beyond.

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