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Charitable Giving Activities of Kroger's Retail Divisions

In 2008, the charitable giving programs of our retail divisions accounted for $57 million in donations.

These donations take several forms:

  • Donations of cash, gift cards and products;
  • Fundraising programs that allow charitable organizations to earn a donation based on sales, which are tracked at time of purchase either through use of the customer’s shopper card or a separate fundraising card.

The Gift Services Department of the local retail operating division can provide more details on the specific fundraising program offered in your area.

All divisions have very active charitable giving and community relations programs with high levels of associate volunteerism. In addition to their contributions of time and effort, associates raised $35 million to support community organizations in 2008, in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Only organizations working directly in communities served by Kroger’s family of stores are eligible for assistance. The best place to begin is with the community relations department of the retail division that operates stores in your community.

Please click here for a list of our retail division offices.