Kroger Foundation


When founder Barney Kroger opened his doors to give day-old bread to hungry residents lined up at the store, Kroger’s spirit of giving began.  More than 130 years later, Kroger is still committed to sharing the fruits of our labor to fight hunger in our communities.  We provide nourishment to those in need.  This generosity outside the store extends to serving each other and our communities.  We just feel good when we do good.

The Kroger Co. Foundation (Kroger Foundation), established in 1987, is committed to uplifting experiences in our communities and providing our customers with the food and inspiration they need to live their best.  The Kroger Foundation works to enhance our communities by making lives healthier, easier, brighter and a bit lighter.  By living our Purpose, Feed the Human Spirit, we make the world a better place one associate, customer, and community at a time.    

What We Support      

The Kroger Foundation places our communities at the center of all we do. 

In our communities, we believe in

  • Supporting local nonprofit organizations and partners who provide hunger relief;
  • Developing and mobilizing our resources and partners to improve food security; and 
  • Enabling our Purpose, Feed the Human Spirit, through philanthropy.

Where We Work

The Kroger Foundation works to enhance the communities and lives of our eight and a half million customers and 443,000 associates who shop or serve in retail food stores under a variety of local banner names in 35 states and the District of Columbia.   

Wherever we partner, we operate with the belief that significant and lasting change begins with individuals and communities coming together to improve food security.  Our communities are more than just our bread and butter; they are part of our Kroger family. 

It is our goal by 2020 to promote hunger relief in every store.  

How We Work

The Kroger Foundation relies exclusively on the management of the operating Divisions of the Kroger family of stores to make recommendations on the most appropriate and effective use of Kroger Foundation resources in the communities we serve.  Proposals may be submitted at any time and must align with what we support and where we work. 

To submit a grant request, please e-mail the Kroger Foundation at  Subject line must include: (1) name and zip code of 501(c)(3) organization, and (2) date of request.  Request must include: (1) Appropriate operating Division of the Kroger family of stores and statement of how the organization aligns with where we work; (2) 501(c)(3) tax determination letter from the IRS attached: (3) grant amount requested; (4) explanation of how the requested funds will be used to support the organization; (5) vision, mission, and programs of the organization and statement of how the organization aligns with what we support; and (6) contact information for the development office.  Incomplete grant requests will not be submitted for approval.     

We are increasingly aware that sustainable production and community development need to be at the core of our day-to-day operations.  True impact is only achieved through consensus, compromise, and cooperation. 

Thank you for considering us as a prospective partner in your work!


It’s a simple truth that our world is hungry for uplift. 

It’s a universal need, as powerful as our need for food or fuel. 

That’s why, with caring as our currency, we Feed the Human Spirit.